Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Update

I recently realized that I haven't blogged in months, as per my usual. Some recent developments:
-Grace is now in nursery which means David and I get two whole hours at church without someone trying to throw goldfish down our shirts and smear crayon on pants. 
-We are excited for the summer and all the activities it holds!
-Grace still isn't saying many words but she jabbers ALL day. It us so stinkin' cute.
-I am half way done with my Spring semester at school.

Here is Grace in the cute dress her Grandpa Scott bought for her. Good pick, Brad!
 Food on her face. NBD.
 Thanks for sharing your Cheerios, Grace!

 Isn't it so frustrating when you ca n't push the weed n' feeder by yourself? It sure is for Grace. Poor kid. 
Good thing Daddy is there to help.

 Just sticking the suction cup Thomas the Train characters to her head. This is how I entertain myself during the day.

 Summer fun!

 Don't forget to was your stroller.