Monday, October 28, 2013

Month 3

Grace just keeps growing and growing. Is there a button I can push to make it stop?
I caught her in the middle of a sneeze here. Even her sneezes are cute.

 Shout out to my old college friend, Doug, for the Disney outfit! 

 We took a trip up to Idaho to visit with everyone. Grandma and Grandpa Scott got us a hotel so we could spend some time up there. Thanks guys! Nana is giving Grace a bath. Grace LOVES water.

 We hung out with our friends the Pincocks and they took some of us shooting. Thanks for being such great hosts Sheleah and Aaron!

 The weekend after we got back from Idaho, we headed down south to Zion's with my family. It was a last HURRAH before Landin left on his mission to Mongolia. 

 During our picnic some deer decided to cross the stream right next to us. David wanted to shoot them.

 I have the best brothers!

 We caught a very sly smile on camera! Everyone take a moment in silence to be thankful for this picture.
 Foaming at the mouth....

 When we got home, we promptly gave her a bath and put her to sleep. I love her sleeping face!

Month 2

Grace was a great napper during the day and slept terribly at night, but it made for some cute pictures!
She has the cutest little birth mark on her forehead that is almost faded now, but totally noticeable in these pictures.
I pulled out these polka dot pants the other day. They look like they were made for a doll, not Grace! She is so cute!
David said he is so glad that I caught this moment on film. In his words "every parent needs an embarrassing picture of their kid for the future." I'm not sure what he has planned for this picture, but I am sure that it is going to be funny.
She was trying so hard to stay awake, but her eyes failed
The Scotts game down and visited us for a little while. Grace was not left without attention!

 Nana Scott loves the smell of new baby poop. I will never understand!

 Grace was blessed when she was about 6 weeks old. 
 To this day she will still take off any headbands. I haven't cut her hair yet so we have to use clips to keep the hair out of her eyes.
 Grace was getting upset because we wouldn't stop taking pictures. This picture explains PERFECTLY how much attention she gets. The second she starts crying someone comes to the rescue. Maybe I should start crying more often...
 Words cannot express how much I love this picture. Daddy giving Grace kisses, Grace's cheeks, and all the love going on! 
 And once again we have a picture of Grace NOT smiling!

 We spent Grace's first Christmas at my parent's house.

 Jensen had a missionary reunion party at our house just before Christmas. Someones dad was a professional Santa Claus so they talked him into coming as well!
 I just HAD to have a picture of Grace with Santa. Doesn't she look so cute in her leopard dress?
 Grace's first Christmas was wonderful. She woke up around 7:30, just after the present opening at 7. 
 I sure do miss this kid!

 My parents are the best. I love them so much! They were wonderful to let us stay with them for so long while we were in the house purchasing process.

 I had to throw this picture into the mix. David still has it!

Her first month of life:

Grace has the funniest faces. In this particular picture it also looks like she has a mullet. Her hair was usually crazy, so we let it do what it wanted to.
 She has some pretty bad jaundice and was ordered to spend quite a bit of time on this little light bed. She looked like a little glow worm!

 Stink Eye: Check

 Her first bath was so cute. She slept through the whole thing, except a yawn when we undressed her.

 Grandma Hayter and Grace instantly had a super cute relationship. She loved being held by Grandma! She looks pretty upset in this picture, but I assure that wasn't usually the case...
 Man, I was tired! Tired and happy.
Daddy and Grace taking a little snooze. I will never understand why I decided to stay up and take this picture instead of snoozing with them... But I do love this picture!
 Another cute GraceFace!

We lived with my parents for a while and let me say, I loved it. My mom and dad got to hold Grace everyday. Also, a few nights when I was eeeextra tired, my dad took Grace for a few hours while I slept. She wouldn't take bottles so they were shorter nights, but I am FOREVER grateful!