Thursday, December 5, 2013

8, 9, and 10!

Most of the time these days Grace doesn't have pants on. Or a shirt. Or both. 
 We went up to Washington for a week just before my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me! Everyone was great and threw me a fun little BBQ with both of our families. Even though it was my Birthday, Grace is way cuter so we took a lot of pictures of her. 
 My parent's are just wonderful. I don't even have words to describe how much I love them.
 Grace loves spending time with her Grandparents. She especially has a special bond with her Grandmas.
 I love my little punkin. She is the biggest blessing in my life.
 We went to Gardner Village with Brittany and Michael Hoehn and my brother, Jensen. I love to go look at all of the witches they put up before Halloween. One of them started getting cheeky with David...
 Grace and Jens... What a good looking family! She loves her Uncle Jensen and he is such a good help. Our go-to babysitter!

Months 6 and 7

I forgot something in my last post. Congratulations to my Mother in Law, BROOKS! The weekend before we went to Zion's National Park, we went to Washington to surprise her at her graduation. 

Quick story:
When Grace was born she had a cone head. This wasn't the typical cone head, ladies and gentlemen, it was bad. David was genuinely worried when she was born that her head was damaged. As she got older, only one side of her skull grew while the other stayed in place. We visited some doctors and eventually Grace had to start wearing the coveted zebra helmet. It pushed her cute little cheeks forward and made her look absolutely ADORABLE! Everyday she was allowed one hour without her helmet, that is when she got a bath. Other than that she had to sleep, eat, and play with it on. It was kind of hard because it was the middle of  summer and that helmet made her so sweaty. Poor girl. She wore it for a total of 3 months.
 Here are a few pictures of us visiting Lisa at the hospital. Grace wasn't allowed in the room because of the type of chemotherapy Lisa was given. I could only stay for a couple of minutes, but I'm so glad we went.

 While some of Lisa's siblings were visiting with doctors, the rest of us took the cousins to Boondocks. Grace looks so cute with her Grandpa! We won enough tickets to get very valuable items at the end of the day.

 While my family was in town, we took Dallin and Mason to Temple Square while my parents went to visit Lisa again. 

 This is Grace asleep on the couch. I just want to eat her all up!

Months 4 and 5

It is taking me WAY too long to get these done, so I am combining months four and five. 

For a very long time we had to keep socks or mittens on Grace's hands. She had a hard time going potty and would scratch her face when she got frustrated (long or short nails) so we just left them on most of the time. There were points when I thought she would never learn to use her fingers because I was disabling her. Let it be known that her fine motor skills are progressing at a normal rate. 
 Our cute little girl giving us a smirk. Her hair would not be tamed. 
 Landin left on his mission in April. He has been in Mongolia for a while now... Crazy! Grace slept through the whole picture taking time. 
 Isn't he handsome!?

 One day I came home after visiting a friend. This is what I found. Grace had fallen asleep sucking on David's thumb. Have you seen anything more cute than this?