Sunday, May 29, 2011


PICTURES FROM OUR EXCURSION UP THE MOUNTAIN. We will narrate the pictures later. Enjoy!

Bread, Wolves, and Hot Pockets

So this is David actually typing this one. Addi is here too, but she, in fact, wrote the other ones pretty much by herself. I am a contributer. So I am absolutely fascinated by bread. I was at home one day on my day off, and I got to thinking,"Hey! Bread is ridiculously expensive! I should make some." I decided to get on the inter-webs to figure out how bread is made. Its CRAZY. Yeast is some crazy stuff. It eats and then is gassy which causes the bread to rise and it becomes fluffy. I made 2 loaves of bread last week and they turned out alright. We didn't let them rise long enough the second time because we were tired, and the bread was a little heavy, but I was proud of myself. 
We also went out for a stroll around the town and took some pictures. The second picture here is of me in front of Del Sol. It's the store we work at, and we have a pretty good time. We sell stuff that changes colors in the sun. 
This is a picture of the bay with a helicopter. It is neat.

 We took a picture of ourselves using a tripod purchased from Best Buy. It is of the brand Dynex. Real quality stuff. The next few pictures are from our first hike. We went up to the Skagway reservoir and the Lower Dewey Lake. We also purchased matching sweatshirts for 8 bucks a pop at the Skagway Outlet Store. They have wolves on them.

The following picture is also from the hike. They can be on sale if anyone wants a copy. 10 Dollars OBO :)

This photo is also up for sale 100 smackers, and I don't mean kisses. It might be a CHRISTMAS CARD CLASSIC. If you get it in the mail in a few months.... you'll know I'm not kidding. That is called alliteration timesed(AL) by 3.

Addison had no recollection of ever eating a hot pocket. We bought the broccoli and cheese lean pockets and they were Yummy Yummy in my TUMMY!!! Hottttttt Pockets! I would also like to point out the DVD in the bottom left corner of the photo. It's Star Wars. NBD.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have finally made it to Skagway, Alaska (small town, 4 blocks wide and about 20 blocks long). We took a plane from Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK then we took a little 8 seater plane to Skagway. I caught the entire city on video during the flight in. Unfortunately the weather was pretty rough and both David and I almost threw up because it was so bumpy! David also vowed to never take a plane that small again.
We haven't had a lot of time to do anything lately because we have been working 10-15 hour days. One thing we have been able to do was visit the gold rush cemetery. AMAZING! Lots of old picket fences blocking out graves and tons of cool stories.

The plane ride to Skagway was FREEZING!

Cool story about this picture ^. They built a memorial for the man who shot the town rebel. They called him Soapy Smith.