Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Life, the Knife, and the Wife.

So...we bought these t-shirts. At the time, we had no idea what "hung like a moose" was referring to, but Addi needed two new t-shirts, so we bought these two t-shirts at S.O.S (Skagway Outlet Store). After we got home, we showed our roommates our cool findings. This got quite the reaction, as the phrase similar to "hung like a moose" was brought up and the light bulb came on. Anyway, not totally appropriate, but since we got it for Addi in the first place, it made it even funnier.

Also, we got these super cool shades that turn colors in the sun!!!

Some of you may already know this from FB, but I bought David a knife. He first laid eyes on this bad boy at the S.O.S. and he has been dreaming of it ever since. I surprised him by getting the carved eagle blade while he was at work. Now I think the knife has magical powers because every time David looks at it he either smiles really big or goes to the trouble of moving it so he can find a spot in our apartment where he can see it all the time. It currently sits on top of the lamp in our bedroom.

Please notice the part of the blade closest to the handle. It says "MUSTANG." This is the Mustang of knives. 
We've been at it again. We are regular bakers these days and make most of our own bread. We have yet to make the perfect concoction for non-crumbly sandwich bread (suggestions can be made in the comment box below).

David's baby.


  1. I'm sorry but the hung like a moose shirt cracks me up:)

  2. I NEEED a knife like that