Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep your furniture in the same room...

Today was our day off for the week. David's buddy in the branch got us a sweet deal on a zip lining tour. The zip line is supposed to be the best in all of Southern Alaska. Let me tell you, we were not let down! First we started out in Skagway and took a small bus to Dyea (a ghost town) and that took about 20 minutes. The scenery was gorgeous and we saw a seal on the way there. After the bus ride we were transferred to what is called a Unimog.
It got us up 800 ft. in elevation in less than a mile and a half. There were 11 zips total, the longest being 743 ft. 
<-Also, notice David's lack of beard. He shaved it and now he looks Mexican. (But don't worry, it IS coming back)
May not look like much but this thing could climb onto the roof of your house.
 "I'm a tourist."

 Before David tightened his harness, the guide told him to make sure "he had all his furniture in the same room." David knew the helmets were green so he dressed accordingly.
 I may look timid in this picture, but I had just done a front flip off the platform. Nailed it.

 When in doubt...chill out.
 Us in all our gear.
 We were zipping over these amazing waterfalls and streams.
Tour Guide, Addison, David, Tour Guide, Steven (the guy who got us the sweet tour)
 Finishing up the day. On the way down we noticed that the driver's fishing pole was sticking out of his sun roof. Apparently there is AMAZING fishing at the bottom of the tour. We could see salmon swimming in schools in the stream.
Dyea (Die-EE)
 One of the platforms.
 View from the Unimog trip down.
 David lookin' good.
 Some guy fishing in the background.
 Last ride of the day on the Unimog. Going down was just as cool as going up.


  1. You guys are brave! Oh, and awesome pictures! After this job ends, do you think you'll ever want to go back?

  2. Ummm... I think it would be fun to come back. I don't know if I would want to work in Skagway again, but if someone was willing to pay me enough... SURE!