Monday, September 12, 2011

 Pictures: Addi and I strollin' the town. We set up the tripod and stood in the road to take the picture. It's the touristy thing to do!

On our night to celebrate winning the competition, we went out to eat at the Fish Company. The food was amazing and they played Simon and Garfunkel all night.

 We surprised Addi by going to the Northern Lights Pizzeria for her birthday dinner. Elise (our roommate) made her the sweet crown!
 We got her a backpack for her birthday a few months ago. She asked me if I would rewrap it and give it to her. I think she forgot that I was going to do that. It was a cool surprise.
 Addison is always a good time!

This is from the point just outside of Skagway. The night was clear and BEAUTIFUL. It almost looks like the background was inserted using Photoshop.

 This is Smugglers' Cove. We also call it make-out cove for all the single folks. We figured we'd come down and check out the scene. The picture is a little blurry because it was actually dark outside. We extended the shutter speed to see what it would do. It looks aight.

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