Sunday, September 4, 2011


This blog had to be started with this photo. My hair is sticking up (David) and we look like we just woke up. The night before, we sent a text message to the male acquaintance of one of our roommates named Andrew. Andrew is a bus driver for a company called Holland America Princess Alaska (HAPA). We were trying to get on a free tour, but he didn't answer. So we went to bed a little sad. In the morning time, we arose to discover that my phone had died in the night. I plugged it in, fired her up, and read a text saying that he would be taking us on a Best of Skagway tour in 10 minutes and that we better not forget our passports. We got up and rushed around getting dressed and getting the camera bag together. The battery only had about 20% left, so our ability to take pictures was restricted. We rode the bus with him up to Fraser, Canada to pick up the tourists who were riding the train. We rode back down the mountain and went to the lookout, which is where we took the panoramic. Then we went to Liarsville. The story of Liarsville is that some journalists from Seattle came up to cover the gold rush. Instead of making the difficult journey to Dawson City, they just camped out in a small settlement just outside of Skagway. There, they relayed the stories/tall tales of those returning prospectors to the lower 48 as if they were fact. Hence the name Liarsville. They had some AMAZING fresh grilled salmon. I went back for seconds and thirds on it. There was live music playing that was also pretty sweet. A guy played the national anthem on a hand saw with a violin bow. It's a little hard to explain how he did it if you've never seen it done. Basically the more he would bend the saw, the higher the note would go. There was a little show that went with the experience. If you ever come to Skagway and do that tour, don't go to the show. It was just painfully dumb. I felt like I was watching Nickelodeon. Addi got called up to participate at the end when they demonstrated how to pan for gold. Then we panned for gold and got a few flakes of gold each. That was just one recent adventure. Until our next adventure............ 

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