Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The times, they are changin'!

This is me learning how to change my IV bag of fluids. 
 I'm on a constant Zofran drip, 24/7.
 Only a little blood spilled from the trainee inserting my IV. 
 Zipping up the backpack that carries my pump and IV fluids so I can take them with me everywhere I go!
 David was doing a really good job listening to the in home nurses so I wouldn't have to remember how to change everything. He is such a good husband. I might wrap up the pack in a blanket like a baby to prepare for what is up next. That's right! We are having a baby! 
 David is super excited, and so am I, obviously! But I have also been keeping him up all night with my puking. We are hoping my home IV system will replenish my body and get be back up to speed. 
 We are so cute. We may look absolutely exhausted, but we are excited. Promise.
 My cool new back pack! 

So, if you haven't seen us lately, here is the scoop. We are gonna have a baby! I am only 8 weeks but with my condition, we thought we would spread the news before people see me with a tube up my arm. David has been taking amazing care of me, so a big shout out to him! I have an amazing husband who has stepped up to all the responsibilities that a household requires with no help from me. 
We are SUPER excited for the new changes that are happening. 
Plus, a shout out to my mom who is going to come up and stay with us for a few days until I get back on my feet. Thanks everyone for your help! 
Peace and blessings. 


  1. Wow Addi that's crazy! Why do you have to have fluids at all times? Have you just been super sick and dehydrated?

    CONGRATULATIONS on being pregnant! So exciting =)

  2. Yeah, I was puking a lot, apparently it is called hyperemesis graviderum. I couldn't even hold down a tablespoon of water or crackers (which was causing problems.) I'm on a Zofran (anti nausea meds) with fluid so I will stay hydrated. So far it is working! Thanks, we are super happy!

  3. What a good mom!!! And I'm so sorry! That sounds awful! You are going to be the cutest parents!!! I'm SOOOO stinkin excited for you guys! You'll just love being parents!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! Well I'm really glad it's working and you're feeling better! I love reading your guys' blog =)