Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fanny Pack at Disneyland

We got all the medical stuff sorted out just in time to go to...CALIFORNIA! 
We arrived at LAX on Friday afternoon after a 3 hour delay in Idaho Falls. We hit up In N' Out the first day, Disneyland and California Adventures the second day, and stayed in a beautiful condo in Carlsbad for the third day. 

This is my cool new fanny-pack with a pump of medicine. Everyday I have to change the site and I get to pick from my hips and back of my arms. David is a good sport about it and sticks me because it is hard to reach back there. Plus, I can't look at needles puncturing skin, it grosses me out.
If anybody knows where I can get a bright neon fanny pack that looks like it is from the 90s, I would love that. I need something to switch up the wardrobe. 
 My awesome parent's-in-law on the tram with us headin' to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!

 We are outside of California Soarin'. When we got out of the ride Kyle and Alesha surprised us with delicious churros! 

 David and Brooks stood at the exit to the ride and started swinging on the rails ;)

 David picking his nose... Just kidding, it was probably just an itch. 
 Duck face and orange hat waiting for the Bug's Life show. 
 The gang! It took forever to get this picture taken. People kept walking right in front of us. The guy taking the picture set his drink on the ground so he could hold the camera with both hands and some random girl wasn't watching where she was going then...bam! She kicked that drink clear down the bridge. 
 Kyle and Alesha after the Lights Show. 

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