Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Congrats to David!

A big shout out to David for graduating BYU-I last week! I am so proud of him. 

 After graduation we called a ton of restaurants to see who would be open past 10. We had 2 options: Red Robin and Buffalo Wild Wings.
So, here we are eating some burgers at Red Robin!

 My mom, dad, and 2 little brothers came for the celebrations. Davids family is just missing Alesha. Even though we missed the absent siblings, we still had an awesome time the next day by having a BBQ at the park for more graduation festivities. 

We have some big news, for those of you who didn't already know...
First, our little baby is going to be a GIRL! We are so excited...and I mean THRILLED! She kicks like crazy and doesn't like to hold still. We were at the ultrasound appointment for a long time trying to get pictures of her but she was super squirmy. I will have to post ultrasound pics later because the scanner is being packed. The second awesome announcement is that we are moving to Utah. David said he would never do it...but here we are. We are happy to be moving somewhere that is so close to family, which hasn't been the case since we have been married. David got a job in Sandy at a mortgage company and we move next week. Hurray! There are so many changes in the near future for us but we have never been happier. 

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