Monday, October 28, 2013

We have some catching up to do...

It has been a very long time since I last posted on this blog. A LONG time. I have decided to catch up, moving backwards. 
Grace is now 11 months old. Can you believe it? She has a ton of spit and vinegar that makes for an interesting day, everyday. 
A week ago we had Uncle Jensen over to paint pumpkins. Awesome Jensen bought her some washable paints to decorate her pumpkin. Lets just say that those paints aren't so washable. Next time we use them Grace will be in the buff. 
Don't they look so cute!?
 Grace rarely smiles for the camera. It takes a lot to make her smile in front of technology.
 She absolutely loves music. David will get out the guitar and she will crawl right up to him and "help" him play. 
 This picture is pretty close to bedtime. As you can see, her eyes are pretty tired! 
 Everyday her hair looks longer to me. Most people don't believe she isn't quite a year old. Aunt Alesha came over a couple days ago and put her hair in the cutest pony tails. I will have to post some of those pictures too!
So here are some updates on our cute little family:

  1. Grace's Birthday is in less than a month!
  2. She absolutely LOVES watching The Lorax. I think it is all the music and colors that do it for her.
  3. David is still working at Academy Mortgage and is liking it there.
  4. I have been unpacking for 6 months. Who ever said there was a time limit on unpacking anyway? 
  5. My dad just graduated from the Police Academy and is an official cop. GO DAD!

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