Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Ultra Sound

This was probably the most rewarding and amazing day of our lives! We got to see the baby move and wiggle, which made everything so real. The ultra sound tech cropped some of the images so it would be easier to identify see the baby. 
We aren't sure how we feel about the 3D pictures, but the 3D video is really cool. 
This first one is of the baby facing straight forward. The head is just under the very top of the cropped image. Right above the U shaped lighter part of the picture you can see the baby's little feet. 
 This is the baby facing the right. The baby is resting in the C shape sitting up. You can see the little nose and chin!!!
 This one is just kind of creepy...
 This is my FAVORITE! Baby is laying down and the two plus signs mark how big the baby is. 
 The really light colored dot to the right of the line is the heart. It was beating so fast! 

Well, David and I couldn't be more excited! Our next ultra sound is scheduled to be in about another 8 weeks, then we find out if its a boy or a girl! 

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