Saturday, May 26, 2012

Overcoming the Fear

I have a deathly fear of needles. Long ones, short ones, skinny ones, fat ones...they all make me want to cry and run for the hills! The first IV I received through this whole ordeal put me close to passing out. A mix of chemicals that my brain releases makes my veins pull back into my arms and become rock hard so I have had to get the extra big IV needles for the last month and a half because the tips are a lot sharper so they can penetrate my stubborn veins.
Well, I decided that it is ridiculous to hyperventilate every day when David puts my Zofran needle in my hips or my arms and even more ridiculous than that is my dramatic, light headed, woozyness when I get an IV. So lately I have been trying to look at the needles and talk myself out of being such a big wuss. I even took some pictures! So far my accomplishments have consisted of no more temper tantrums when David does his daily poke and the last 2 IV's I have only had to be poked once (compared to the 3 and 4 times for previous IVs).

Here are a couple pictures to prove that I actually looked at the needles.

This first one is a picture of the Zofran needle. The site has to be switched everyday and once it is in my arm or my hip, it stays there for 24 hours until we have to switch it again. It is taped down to my skin with something called Tegaderm which is like a second skin. 
 That is my pinky finger next to the needle. It really isn't that big but it stings like a bee! 
 This is the IV that was taken out yesterday (my new one is in my other arm). The new catheters are so big that they are leaving little round scars on my skin. I don't really mind because the IV is so useful. If I'm feeling pretty sick that day then I just hook up to my IV, sit down to a movie or a good book, and relax. The cold fluids can't be warmed up so they make me really cool, which has been extra useful on the hot summer days!
 We now have this cool decoration in our house called an IV stand! It looks like a coat hanger so I might just put it by the door. 

 Ahhhh, my new best friend. This sweet thing goes with me everywhere I go. That includes shopping, the bathroom, work, sleep, and anywhere else you can think of! I mostly wear it on m hip like a fanny pack. The bag is full of Zofran in liquid form and the pump just gradually pumps it just under my skin where my body absorbs it. Cool, huh?
 OK, I think the camera made these IV needles look half the size they really are...
I have never been able to look at the needles before, during, or after they are in my arm but lately I have been watching the nurse remove the catheter and put the just-used needles in the red needle box. 

Well, that's the beginning of my story of how I am overcoming my fears. Who knows, maybe next time I will watch the nurse put the IV in! But probably not...
More updates on baby will be coming soon. Next ultrasound is in July!!!!!

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  1. OH my goodness. You are a brave woman Addi! I totally admire you doing this!!! I hope your nausea gets better so you don't have to do this your entire pregnancy. But seriously, I admire that you are overcoming your fears! You are already a good mama! ;) Good luck!!! I like you lots!