Thursday, December 5, 2013

Months 6 and 7

I forgot something in my last post. Congratulations to my Mother in Law, BROOKS! The weekend before we went to Zion's National Park, we went to Washington to surprise her at her graduation. 

Quick story:
When Grace was born she had a cone head. This wasn't the typical cone head, ladies and gentlemen, it was bad. David was genuinely worried when she was born that her head was damaged. As she got older, only one side of her skull grew while the other stayed in place. We visited some doctors and eventually Grace had to start wearing the coveted zebra helmet. It pushed her cute little cheeks forward and made her look absolutely ADORABLE! Everyday she was allowed one hour without her helmet, that is when she got a bath. Other than that she had to sleep, eat, and play with it on. It was kind of hard because it was the middle of  summer and that helmet made her so sweaty. Poor girl. She wore it for a total of 3 months.
 Here are a few pictures of us visiting Lisa at the hospital. Grace wasn't allowed in the room because of the type of chemotherapy Lisa was given. I could only stay for a couple of minutes, but I'm so glad we went.

 While some of Lisa's siblings were visiting with doctors, the rest of us took the cousins to Boondocks. Grace looks so cute with her Grandpa! We won enough tickets to get very valuable items at the end of the day.

 While my family was in town, we took Dallin and Mason to Temple Square while my parents went to visit Lisa again. 

 This is Grace asleep on the couch. I just want to eat her all up!


  1. She is so cute in that helmet! Oliver had a major cone head, too, and we thought it was hilarious! What a beautiful girl :)

  2. Those helmets are just so cute! They look super uncomfortable and annoying, and would be hard to cuddle your baby as well when worn, but still cute! :)