Thursday, December 5, 2013

Months 4 and 5

It is taking me WAY too long to get these done, so I am combining months four and five. 

For a very long time we had to keep socks or mittens on Grace's hands. She had a hard time going potty and would scratch her face when she got frustrated (long or short nails) so we just left them on most of the time. There were points when I thought she would never learn to use her fingers because I was disabling her. Let it be known that her fine motor skills are progressing at a normal rate. 
 Our cute little girl giving us a smirk. Her hair would not be tamed. 
 Landin left on his mission in April. He has been in Mongolia for a while now... Crazy! Grace slept through the whole picture taking time. 
 Isn't he handsome!?

 One day I came home after visiting a friend. This is what I found. Grace had fallen asleep sucking on David's thumb. Have you seen anything more cute than this?

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  1. Mongolia?! So cool! And I just love your family...just saying. Such a great one you have! And I just love seeing dad's with their baby's. So cute!