Friday, February 28, 2014

Can someone wipe my bum?

Lately Grace has been more and more independent. She picks some of her clothes, chooses what we play, and decides what room in the house we play in. I sure do love her.

Just a few days ago I walked onto the landing of the stairs to find this:
Grace was taking wipes out of the container to wipe her bum. One swipe per wipe. She started to laugh when I asked her what she was doing. At least she knows what is good for her, right?

Here she goes again, putting stuff on her head. 

 Stop! Paparazzi! 

She likes to climb onto the chair in her room by herself. Nobody is allowed to help her on or off, no matter how stuck she is.

 "I'm not stuck mom. I don't need your help. Look, I'm just playing!"

Every once and a while she dresses herself. Fur jacket, mom's shoes, yellow pants, and Valentine's shirt. 

 Looking foxy!

Isn't she so stinkin' cute? I love it when she grabs my hand and walks around the house with me in tow, starts jabbering, and screams and runs away when I chase her. She is so cute.

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  1. Seriously, she is so, so cute!!! What a sweetheart! :)