Monday, February 3, 2014

Our House 1/3

So, here is the beginning of our "House" posts. I have received some requests from friends to post pictures of our place here in Stansbury Park, UT. So here it goes!

We have a tri-level house. The front door opens up to the main floor that has the front room and kitchen. Then, there is a stair case that goes up to the bedrooms and bathrooms, and a very small stair case that goes down to the TV room, laundry room, and garage.
Here is the main level:

If they are poor quality, I apologize. Grace was chasing after me the whole time so I had to take the pictures REALLY quick.
Here is the view from the stairs that go up. That is the front door. 

 Still the front room. Eventually we want to replace the carpet...
 There is a quilting frame in the corner, compliments of my Relief Society.
 Grace chasing me...

 The stairs going up (and Grace chasing me again).
 Stairs going down into the messy TV room.
 View from the front door.
 Our brown kitchen. 
 Eventually I am going to paint the cabinets. Yes, paint them.
(View from the TV room)
 I love having a pantry!
 No, there isn't anything in that shadow box frame...
 Grace eating some lunch.

Well folks, there you have it!
We are currently renovating our master bathroom. One day while David was at work I decided I didn't like the linoleum in our bathroom so I started ripping it out. He came home to the surprise! After discussing it, he got really fired up and decided we are also going to rip out the toilet and shower stall, tile the shower and floor, and paint the vanity. So far we have just ripped up the floor and toilet. Next weekend: Shower Stall REMOVAL!!!
Renovations we have already made:

  • Replaced the floor and toilet in the guest bath.
  • Uhhh...I guess that's it. 
Also, David built me a king bed frame for Christmas so we put our old bed in the guest room. Once that is all finished and decorated, upstairs pictures will be posted. 
Until next time-


  1. Hahahahaha. You are hilarious. I used to have a frame hanging in our first apartment that I didn't have horizontal pictures for (it was a collage frame) and so I left the store photos in that were of a black family hoping it would be less noticeable than having nothing. It wasn't. :) So I personally like the empty shadow box.
    And your house is SO cute! You are your cute decorating and furniture! I love it! And I'm totally still jealous you have a house! Someday...

  2. Totally you will have a house someday! Who even knows where you guys will end up?! I'm so excited for you and your adventures.
    HAHAHA I love that you left those pictures in your frame! I seriously laughed out loud when I read that.

  3. Also, many of the cute decorations are from my parents. When they moved we were lucky enough to acquire some of their things that they didn't want to pack... Then my mom helped me go shopping and put stuff together. She knows how to make things look cute!