Monday, February 3, 2014

Sometimes Grace is Happy and Sometimes she is Sad

Before she turned one, Grace fell in the tub. She had to get stitches in her lip. I can't remember if I blogged about this yet... Lets just say I felt like the worst mom ever. I have learned that sometimes accidents just happen.

 Just after Grace's Birthday, Grandpa and Nana Scott brought her some goodies! This is Grace and David setting up the fun new dog! It sings songs over, and over, and over. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes I want to hide it in the garage so I don't have to hear "Do Your Ears Hang Low" one more time. 

Teeth coming in? No problem. Put an ice cube in one of these handy dandy mesh binkies. Seriously, she loves it! 

 Grace looooovevd her chocolate cake (so did I...)!
 Here's the deal: Grace has a fetish with putting things on her head. Mostly she loves this cardigan. I can't wear it around her because she will throw a fit and try to take it off me.

 Grace isn't always happy. Sometimes, when I make her come inside after we play outside for a while, she throws a fit like this. It was nap time.

 Later, when Daddy came home, she was all smiles. 

 They kicked an old milk carton around and played with sticky notes. Who wouldn't love that? 

 Here is her first experience with Mac n' Cheese. Her face doesn't look very excited, but she LOVED it.

 She found my cardigan again. Great.

 When bath time came she wasn't too excited. Also, I couldn't pry the cardigan out of her hands, so it went in with her. 

 Look at that face... I am seriously laughing out loud right now. 
 This is usually how bath time goes. She actually loves it. Notice the bag of Cheerios in the water? She loves to bring things with her into the bathtub. 

 She has the cutest cheeks!!! Oranges, hot dog (yes I feed my kid hot dogs sometimes), and yogurt are some of her favorite foods. 

As for me and David, nothing new... 
I am in school right now and so far it is going pretty well. David is still working at Academy Mortgage. 
We still love Grace.
Landin is doing well on his mission in Mongolia. I love getting emails from him. Maybe I will start posting those for everyone! 


  1. Favorite quotes:
    "Yes, I feed my kid hotdogs sometimes" hahahaha. I started feeding Pax whole grapes at like age one. :)
    "We still love Grace" Hahah.
    And poor girl with stitches. I got stitches for my first time last week and it was AWFUL. So I feel for her. Not fun. But definitely, accidents happen. :)
    P.s. you're hilarious. I just like you. Lots.

  2. You got stitches!? I'm so sorry! I have never had them so I'm not sure how it goes, but watching Grace get them was the WORST. I was balling, she was balling, I had to leave the room for a little while... Yeah. Bad news.
    I hope you're OK!