Monday, October 28, 2013

Month 3

Grace just keeps growing and growing. Is there a button I can push to make it stop?
I caught her in the middle of a sneeze here. Even her sneezes are cute.

 Shout out to my old college friend, Doug, for the Disney outfit! 

 We took a trip up to Idaho to visit with everyone. Grandma and Grandpa Scott got us a hotel so we could spend some time up there. Thanks guys! Nana is giving Grace a bath. Grace LOVES water.

 We hung out with our friends the Pincocks and they took some of us shooting. Thanks for being such great hosts Sheleah and Aaron!

 The weekend after we got back from Idaho, we headed down south to Zion's with my family. It was a last HURRAH before Landin left on his mission to Mongolia. 

 During our picnic some deer decided to cross the stream right next to us. David wanted to shoot them.

 I have the best brothers!

 We caught a very sly smile on camera! Everyone take a moment in silence to be thankful for this picture.
 Foaming at the mouth....

 When we got home, we promptly gave her a bath and put her to sleep. I love her sleeping face!

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