Monday, October 28, 2013

Her first month of life:

Grace has the funniest faces. In this particular picture it also looks like she has a mullet. Her hair was usually crazy, so we let it do what it wanted to.
 She has some pretty bad jaundice and was ordered to spend quite a bit of time on this little light bed. She looked like a little glow worm!

 Stink Eye: Check

 Her first bath was so cute. She slept through the whole thing, except a yawn when we undressed her.

 Grandma Hayter and Grace instantly had a super cute relationship. She loved being held by Grandma! She looks pretty upset in this picture, but I assure that wasn't usually the case...
 Man, I was tired! Tired and happy.
Daddy and Grace taking a little snooze. I will never understand why I decided to stay up and take this picture instead of snoozing with them... But I do love this picture!
 Another cute GraceFace!

We lived with my parents for a while and let me say, I loved it. My mom and dad got to hold Grace everyday. Also, a few nights when I was eeeextra tired, my dad took Grace for a few hours while I slept. She wouldn't take bottles so they were shorter nights, but I am FOREVER grateful!

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