Monday, October 28, 2013

From the beginning:

So I realized that I stopped blogging right around the middle of my pregnancy. Here is a quick catch up:
Pregnancy wasn't that great. I puked the whole nine months, didn't ever feel too great, and was on an IV for quite a while. Labor on the other hand was fantastic! I went in for a weekly check-up and was told I needed to go right to the hospital because I was dilated to six cm. I was in labor and didn't even know it! I got to the hospital and started freaking out because nobody was answering their phones. My parents were at the temple and David wasn't answering my calls. I checked myself in, headed upstairs, and just waited for someone to call me back. I called David (for the 11th time) and got a busy signal. He sent me an auto text that said "I'm busy" or something like that, to which I responded "IM IN LABOR! YOU ARE NOT TOO BUSY TO TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW!" He dismissed the text and didn't read it for a while. (In his defense, he was on the phone with our Realtor trying to close a house we had an offer on) Finally people started showing up and I wasn't so alone. The contractions weren't that bad so when they asked me if I wanted an epidural I wasn't quite sure... I thought to myself "this kind of hurts, I could probably do it. NAH! Why go through pain?" I got an epidural, they broke my water, I pushed for 50 minutes, and Grace was here! At 7:59 pm Grace was born at 7 lbs and 2 oz, 19 inches long, and lots of cute hair!
Here are all the aunts and uncles on the Scott side giving baby Grace some love.

 Unfortunately Grandpa Scott was wielding the camera and didn't get a picture with our camera.

Luckily, the Scott's were heading down for Thanksgiving. Grace came just in time for everyone to come visit!

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